Vacilando, our Cal 35 Sailboat is for sale for just $39,900

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Cabbage Key… The Way It Should Be.

The first thing we did once past the “miserable mile” on the west side of Cape Coral bridge was make a beeline for Cabbage Key. We’ve read about this elusive island in the guide books and wanted to see it before… well, you know… before Walmart,...

Okee-dokee Okeechobee!

Wow. That’s all I can say about the trip through the state of Florida. Literally right through the state via the Okeechobee Waterway. Along with the Erie Canal, The Amazon, and maybe the Mississippi, it’s a trip I’ve always wanted to do. We sailed V...

Getting Tipsy In Brunswick

Okay… so my blog on the misunderstood Philadelphia football fans went over like a lead balloon. The one on hurricane preparation had as much staying power as tropical storm Erika. I get it. Stick to what I know and don’t stray from the box… that’s what...

Hurricane?! 5 Things You Should Be Doing ASAP

As we sit in St. Simons Island, Georgia watching tropical storm Erika break apart, I looked back over the list we had put together of things we should do to prepare if she decided to head this way, and thought I’d do a quick post and get your feedback. Every...

It’s About Time!

That’s the thing we’ve (I’ve) heard most over the last two weeks. In case you’re not on our Facebook page (why aren’t you?) or personal friends of ours, you might not know that we, got hitched a couple weeks ago. In a very quiet ceremony...

Philadelphia Eagles; The REAL America’s Team

I know what you’re thinking, football on a sailing blog? But please, bear with me. Indulge me for a few short minutes. Sailing is after all, a sport and after reading Sports Illustrated’s piece announcing Philly fans as the “most hated” in the...

Okay, St. Augustine… We Get It!

Hi y’all. Yes, it’s been a couple months since the last post and I once again find myself uttering apologies all around. When we sit for a while in one place, I do find it difficult to write about the daily grind, the boat work and the Chronicles of Jet....

I’m Walking on… Sunshine.

As I wake, to a clean boat and a cool north east breeze cascading through open hatches I realize I’m craving something. It’s Saturday morning. Mel and Jet have been out of town for two long weeks and are on their way home. I… have a free morning. Varnish...

The Ins & Outs of Shadyville

The breeze is warm, from the south. Tide is high and Vacilando has a fresh coat of wax on her hull, fresh oil in her power plant and a fine tune to her rig. The seemingly endless beeping of the bobcats and bucket-lifts careen off the buildings across the isle and...

How NOT To Sell Your Boat

As you know by now, Vacilando is for sale. We’ve had some people come see her this past weekend and as Melody and I were “sprucing” up, we laughed about all the times we had gone to look at boats and found that most were amazingly cluttered, comically dirty or down right misrepresented.

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Chris DiCroce and Melody Puckett - VacilandoChris: Singer/Songwriter (and now Author) from Philly, transplanted to Nashville, needed a break from the entertainment business and decided to convince his girlfriend to live on a boat.
Melody: Computer Nerd/Writer/Jewelry Designer who thought her boyfriend was crazy for wanting to live on a boat but never one to shy away from an adventure, decided to play along and now may never get off the boat.
Jet: Dutch Shepherd rescue who has now traveled more miles in his 6 years with Chris and Melody than most people do in a lifetime. We're waiting for him to say "screw it" and jump off the boat.
The Boat:A 1984 Cal 35. Our home.

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